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Modal Analysis of Structural Systems

Specifications for rotating equipment with substantial dynamic loads often require that no structural modes occur in specified frequency ranges. Dynamic analysis of complex floor systems is often substantially complicated, and computer finite element methods are called for.

Rotating equipment was a concern during the design of tanks in an industrial process. These large tanks were to be subject to substantial dynamic forces, and required significant vacant space underneath for piping systems. Finite Element Analysis was used to model a variety of support and restraint systems for each of the tanks. The final system was designed to minimimize tank movement, and to reduce fatigue in the system.

HGC Engineering has assisted mechanical engineers on numerous occasions when developing support or restraint systems for equipment or machinery with substantial dynamic loads. A complicated support structure was required for a packaged refrigeration system, designed to minimize vibration impact on both the equipment and on the supporting roof structure.

Complex Floor System
An FEA reproduction showing the stress points and vibration properties in a complex system.


Packaged Refrigeration Support System
Support for a refrigeration system designed to protect from high levels of vibration impact.


Industrial Tank System
Drawing of Large Industrial Tank which required Dynamic Finite Analysis.

Restraint/Support Stand
Computer modelled support system for Industrial Tank.

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